Looking for Connections
Reuterstr. 31, 12047 Berlin
May 2023

Opening day:  Friday 19th May 2023, 6 - 10 pm
Duration 19th - 28th May 2023
Opening hours 
Fridays 4 - 7 pm
Sat & Sun 2 - 7 pm

Group exhibition

Works by Juan Arata, Carla Bertone, Matias Brunacci, Maria Gutiérrez,Mario Martinelli, Lan Hungh, Kalma.
Events by Stephanie Fenner, Thomas Proksch, Gabriela Turano, Kacper Max Lubiewski,  Libertad Esmeralda Iocco.

Invited by Eli Cornejo & Juan Arata 

In Looking for Connections, we explore the fundamental importance of connection in our lives, communities, and societies. Through a wide range of different disciplines, including the use of AI, the artists featured in this show examine the complex and multifaceted ways in which connection shapes our world.

From the building blocks of technology to the intricate web of human relationships, connection is essential to our ability to collaborate, to build systems, to communicate, and to effect change. And yet, the nature of connection is often intangible - a thread that binds us together, but which we cannot always see or touch.

Through their works, the artists in this exhibition invite us to explore and reveal the invisible threads that connect us all. They challenge us to experiment with new waysething meaningful from the fragments of our shared experiences.



Experimental Sound Session with machines
Friday 19th opening event
Saturday 27th - 6 pm

Lan Hungh is thrilled to extend an invitation to the public for a of seeing and interacting with the world, and to build somn exceptional sound jamming experimental session. With the addition of the distinct sound of machines, participants can not only bring their own instruments but also create new ones to explore the limitless possibilities of mechanical sound. This collaborative event is open to all, regardless of skill level or experience, and encourages interaction and community building among sound enthusiasts. 


Talking to Plants yet?
Collective reading performance. Organized by Stephanie Fenner.
Sunday 21st - 6:30 pm

Revolving with a collective mind on texts on nature, communication, and more-than-human connections.
Do you talk with plants, do they talk with you, and how does that work? You are welcome to bring a text to share.

Intermittent Continuity
Dance Performance by Libertad Esmeralda Iocco, concept by Carla Bertone.
Friday 26th 6pm

Inhaling, exhaling, looking, blinking, one foot in the air and the other on the ground to move forward. We experience these small intervals permanently, spaces of uncertainty in a cycle that seems to be continuous. Yet we do not perceive them at all. What happens in these subtle interstices that break the continuity?


Poetry Slam by Kacper Max Lubiewski
Sunday 28th 5 pm

Hilbertraum is calling for upcoming poets to join us in an open poetry reading event organized as part of the NAME exhibition. We are looking for stories which deal with connection, be it relationships with nature, places, events or other people. If you’d like to participate, get in touch with @kmlubiewski and send some of your works. 


Closing Concert by Gabriela Turano
Sunday 28th 6 pm 


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