Druids/Drones and Defects
Pavillom am Milhof, Schwedter Str. 232, 10435 Berlin

Opening 7th August 19.00 hs

 "Druids, Drones and Defects"

The "Focus On Abstracton" series presents pictorial statements on the subject of abstraction. For this ocation the individual works exemplify a wide variety of approachs to the issue and give an insight into the broad spectrum from non-figurative abstraction to the concrete.

Participating artists: Lucio Auri, George Barber, Silke Bartsch, Carla Bertone, Clara Brörmann, Heike Gallmeier, Sam Grigorian, Mani Hammer, Daniel Horns, Monika Jarecka, Susanne Young, Ilona Kalnoky, Heike Kelter, Daniel Klawitter, Alexander Klenz, Steffi Klenz, Jan Klopfleisch , Zora Cruiser, Marco Meiran, Katinka Pilscheur, Inken Reinert, Dionisia Salas, Carlos Silva, Andrea Van Reimersdahl, Bettina White.

Curated by George Barber, Alexander Klenz and Carlos Silva

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