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I don’t see anything as it is now
Laboratory about image
HilbertRaum, Reuterstr. 31, 12047 Berlin

Sat 24th Oct - 1st Nov 2020
Opening Friday 23rd October 2020, 6 - 10pm
Please take note of the requirements to allow a safe and responsible visit to our exhibition:
Maximum ten visitors at the space
Minimum distance 1.5 meters
Wearing mask

Carla Bertone, Lan Hung, Inés Pereyra, Janneke Raaphorst, Julio César Audisio, Eli Cornejo, Iván García.
Proposal and curation: Eli Cornejo and Julio César Audisio.

"He who looks outwards dreams; he who looks inwards wakes up"
Carl Jung

How to talk about images without having one already in mind? How to find the proper answer for such an infinite question? In order to know, one should be open to experiment. In order to experiment, we have created this laboratory - playground to deepen the questions: What is the image? Where are images created? What are the limits in the creation of an image? Can we escape from images?

In the frame of the European Month of Photography Berlin, we would like to open a space to think about and to feel the image. We open ourselves to experience, we open more questions, we propose for everyone to get their own answers.
This is an invitation for visitors to undertake a journey, to participate with the stations of the laboratory-playground at HilbertRaum and to open up to sensory stimuli.

Plan your visit for the opening and 1st weekend:

We will have different activities during the Laboratory, presented by invited collaborators, please follow us on instagram @hilbertraum and join the facebook event for daily updates:


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Solo show at R17 Experimental Zone
Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 17 10969 Berlin

On view 18.08 - 25.09.2020
Opening 05.09 18 hs. The opening will take place wearing masks and keeping distance.



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Appointments and inquires about available works at

Because I`m interested in sharing a meaningful approach of my work with the public I set up an installation at my studio and I'm hosting private visits.
I think the quietness of my working place set the perfect conditions for a tea, talk and ideas exchange. On view wood works from the Series Iteration and B-R-Y O-V-G made between 2017 and 2020. 


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Will take place on March 2021
Art Department - Risiko Shows
EE UU 696, San Telmo, Buenos Aires

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Alte Feuerwache Weding Stockholmer Str 4, 13359 Berlin

"I love to create Images that seem to proof the existence of abstract Platonic entities and mathematical principles: that is the deepest Beauty of Geometry for me. When I work, I have the feeling as if the shapes and structures would come up for themselves, as they would have their own intrinsic order..."
Variations between 10 points is a Serie of 28 drawings on paper which explore different morphologic possibilities unveiling an underlying pattern compounded by 10 points.

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Druids/Drones and Defects
Pavillom am Milhof, Schwedter Str. 232, 10435 Berlin

Opening 7th August 19.00 hs

 "Druids, Drones and Defects"

The "Focus On Abstracton" series presents pictorial statements on the subject of abstraction. For this ocation the individual works exemplify a wide variety of approachs to the issue and give an insight into the broad spectrum from non-figurative abstraction to the concrete.

Participating artists: Lucio Auri, George Barber, Silke Bartsch, Carla Bertone, Clara Brörmann, Heike Gallmeier, Sam Grigorian, Mani Hammer, Daniel Horns, Monika Jarecka, Susanne Young, Ilona Kalnoky, Heike Kelter, Daniel Klawitter, Alexander Klenz, Steffi Klenz, Jan Klopfleisch , Zora Cruiser, Marco Meiran, Katinka Pilscheur, Inken Reinert, Dionisia Salas, Carlos Silva, Andrea Van Reimersdahl, Bettina White.

Curated by George Barber, Alexander Klenz and Carlos Silva

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Past exhibition MULTIPLES
A project by Julio Artist-run Space at
Gallery 0fr Paris

Opening: Friday June 7th 5pm to 8pm
Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June 2019: 10am to 8pm

Multiples is a three-day exhibition featuring 28 artists, curated by Julio Artist-run Space at the Gallery ofr.
It consists of limited edition and numbered pieces: editions, serigraphs, risographs, photographs, prints, sculptures, textiles.
An ideal and rare opportunity to acquire pieces of contemporary artists at affordable prices.

Gallery 0fr.
20 Rue Dupetit-Thouars, 75003 Paris

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Past exhibition AMIGxS, El Futuro ES Nuestro, PintorAs 10 years
Curated by Lara Marmor
USINA DEL ARTE, Buenos Aires
5th April 30th June 2019

Celebrating this journey PintorAs presents: Amigxs, el futuro es nuestro. Diez años de pintorAs.

Artists: Diana Aisenberg, Carla Bertone, Florencia Bohtlingk, Claudia del Río, Verónica di Toro, Silvia Gurfein, Gachi Hasper, María Ibañez Lago, Catalina León, Mariana López, Valeria Maculan, Ad Minoliti, Déborah Pruden, Inés Raiteri, Leila Tschopp, Paola Vega.

"One hot afternoon in December 2008, Adriana Minoliti visited Paola Vega in her studio in Buenos Aires. As they talked and listened to the noise of passing trains, it came up to them to imagine how their ideal exhibition would be like, what works of art they would show, whom they could call to participate. They started to write some names on pieces of paper scattered on a table and thus the ideal exhibition gave rise to a list and this repertoire of names gave form to PintorAs. All women, painters, friends, teachers or colleagues.

In 2019 PintorAs celebrates ten years of self-management for the organization of exhibitions and activities around the exploration of the limits and possibilities of painting as a device. Its foundation coincided with a time in which the exhibitions had men as the main protagonists, the debate about the participation of women in the art world was timid (I would dare to say that it was almost non-existent) and the painting was resisted to be understood as a contemporary practice. With this panorama, the objectives of the group acquired almost epic proportions..."

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curated by Guillermina Mongan
22nd March 9th June 2019
MACBA Buenos Aires

"Iterations on the no-same thing" is an investigation about movement and interpretation presented in two instances: the first one, composed of a selection of works from the MACBA collection developed into a score / notation of twelve mobile instances that will be "read corporally" by interpreters, and a second instance composed of works by contemporary guest artists, who delve into these two axes, like a large set of footnotes."Iterations on the no-same thing" is an investigation about movement and interpretation presented in two instances: the first one, composed of a selection of works from the MACBA collection developed into a score / notation of twelve mobile instances that will be "read corporally" by interpreters, and a second instance composed of works by contemporary guest artists, who delve into these two axes, like a large set of footnotes.

Research team:

Miguel Garutti. Musician and researcher
Gonzalo Lagos. Dancer and independent curator
Jorgelina Mongan. Choreographer and dancer
Marie Bardet Researcher in dance and philosophy

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Past exhibition DIFFRACTIONS
16th March to 13th April 2019
Galerie Patricia Dorfmann Paris

La Galerie Patricia Dorfmann accueille l’exposition/ DIFFRACTIONS
16 mars au 13 avril / mardi - samedi 14h/19h
61, rue de la Verrerie 75004 Paris

Une proposition de :
Julio artist-run space une structure indépendante.
Créée par María Ibáñez Lago & Constanza Piaggio ( Space in Progress)

L'exposition participe du programme VIP d’Art Paris 2019 que souligne la présence sud-américaine à Paris.

5 artistes sud-américains:
Carla Bertone
Valentina Canseco
Martín Kaulen Luks
Valeria Maculan
Juan Stoppani

Vernissage samedi 16 mars de 16h à 20h, en présence des artistes, Carla Bertone, Valentina Canseco, Martín Kaulen, Valeria Maculán et des commissaires, Maria Ibanez Lago & Constanza Piaggio.

Invité par la Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, Julio présente le travail de cinq artistes aux racines latino-américaines vivant ou ayant vécu en Europe.

Ces cinq artistes ont une approche particulière à l’abstraction géométrique, tradition ancrée dans l’art latino-américain. La pluralité de ses regards crée un panorama diffracté, il se révèle une pluralité d’intentions se tenant derrière d’apparentes similitudes formelles. Par diffraction la lumière se décompose en couleurs pures, et on associe à ce phénomène des schémas géométriques qui font partie de l’imaginaire collectif. Mais aussi, un regard diffractif sur le monde implique un déplacement par rapport à l’axe habituel d’observation. Il nous intéresse d’aller au delà des géométries visibles pour dévoiler les différents points de vue qui ont donné l’impulsion à la démarche de chacun de ses artistes.

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